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Best decoy

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which decoy do you think is the best?
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I was just wondering what everybodys favorite dek was
Got to go with Bigfoots. Not only are they better quality and tried and true, they are manufactured right here in the USA. Avery has their decoys manufactured in China. Lets keep the jobs here in America.
amen brother.. i agree ill stick to my bigfoots anyday of the week. I trust my bigfoots over anything, i know that i can go out and not wonder if the paint is chipped, are the feet broke cuz u just cant hurt these things. Avery's whole point was to put out a dek that could by bought by a broad range of hunters, what i mean by that is 260 sounds a lot better then 300 but in the end with all the re-painting thats gonna go into them just get BFs. oh and hardcore who has 400$ to waste on those? and i dont even think they look that great i like my bigfoots over them.

just my .02

lata, 2d
Well I was hoping GHG and Hardcore had finally got their act together for 04 - NOT! I just read this AM on another site that a guy from PA has used his 04 GHG water Honkers 2 days and they are already flaking paint problems. Another guy had 04 Hardcore field--same thing-flaking paint.

Lets see the average American manufacturing job pays $16 per hour while in China it is 32 cents per hour. You would think with all the huge profits GHG is making that they could produce a better decoy without paint adhesion problems. :roll: There is a sucker all right--the US sportsmen and they are making Avery investers rich. All the GHG/Avery hype is just that - hype. They can NOT walk the talk--only talk the talk. And many hunters on the hunting sites are GHG prostaffers and not telling anybody that - all the while they are talking up how good the product is--they are whoring themselves out as it is a crappy products based upon now 3 consecitive years of paint problems with GHG products.

I my opinion there are only 2 real players in the mass produced decoy market right now. Bigfoot for goose decoys and G&H for their duck decoys. Both have superb paint adhesion qualities and you can abuse them and they still look good.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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