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Beretta Extrema Patternmaster Tube

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I have a black Extended Patternmaster for a Beretta Extrema, $75 or BO takes it, will trade for northwinds.
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Did you have any luck w/ it? How did it perform, and is it the long range one?
Don't get me wrong, it's an awesome tube. It's extended to 1 1/2"s instead of the normal 7/8". My g/f shot 3" #2's out of it for geese, shot geese no problem at 40 yards, but that's the farthest she shot geese at this year. I'm getting rid of it so I can buy a new Super Black Eagle 2, the gun's going to be traded in!!!

Are you interested or just want some info on it, it may be sold already.
I'm undecided on them as of yet, so don't hold out for me! Thanks.
Bump!!! :D
I have had excellent luck with my estanded range PM. At 50 yards I can maintain an 80% shot placement in a 30 x 30 target using 3 1/2 BBB steel.
dont waste your money on sbe2.They wont hold a candle to the xtrema2 i have had both guns and the xtrema2 is hands down the better gun.But that is just my opion.i also have xtrema 2 for sale max4 for camo 26 inch barrell.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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