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Benelli question

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I am interested in buying a Benelli Super Black Eagle II. I talked to the salesman and he told me to go with the 26" barrell because the action is so long. I will primarily be using it to waterfowl hunt. Any Benelli shooters got an idea
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Go with the 26. I have a 28 and do not like it. The over all length is too long. I didn't think 2 inchs would make a difference but it does.
Im shooting SBE 2 with 28. No prob swing for me.
that would really be your preference. what do you have know? Lets say you shoot an 870 with a 28 inch on it, that would be the same length overall as benelli's 26, or if you shoot a 30 then it would be like there 28
Alot of waterfowl hunter I have talked to say go with the 24 inch barrel, but I have a 26 on mine and love it.
It is all based on personal pref. It doesn't matter which way you go as long as it fits you. My dad and I both shoot 26" and my bro shoots a 28" and my younger bro's boh shoot 24". It all just depends on what feels right to you. Nothing is going affect the way the gun performs. Find on that you feel comfortable with and you'll love it. Good luck.
I shoot a 26" SBE and love it. It swings great and still has plenty of reach. If I were you I would go with the 26 and if you were still worried about the reach get yourself an aftermarket choke tube like the patternmaster to give yourself that little extra.
Im headed to a gun show Saturday. I going to shoulder a 26 and 28.....Cant wait to get there..... :lol:
the length of your barrel won't make any difference in the pattern or killing power of the load. A longer barrel will have some more weight, forcing you to swing through a little more. I don't know that it will be enough to make much difference though. The shorter barrel may be a little lighter and more maneuverable for moving through brush and tight spaces. Then again, four inches considering the length of the entire gun isn't much.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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