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BBQ Goose

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Here is a tasty way POOLERBEAR offered on the site a while back before this thread was on the forum enjoy:

Here's one we always make on my trips, and we can't keep my buddys son out of it- simple, too. 2 or 4 breast halves, big onion pound of GOOD slab bacon, bottle of BBQ sauce, capful of liqiud smoke. You just slice the onion thick, cut the bacon slices in about thirds ( you want the pieces large because its gonna cook a long time). Put everything in the crockpot, after 12 hours on low, start breaking the meat up, cook an additional 12 hours. By stirring and breaking up if they'res any shot in the meat, it drops to the bottom of the pot. After the 24 hours, its falling apart, like pork BBQ. Get hamburger buns and pig out. ENJOY!!!!!!!
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