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Banded Geese

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I am relatively new to goose hunting. I live in southeastern PA and we have a lot of resident geese. But i am pretty sure that a good bit of birds that come through are migratory. I have never shot a banded bird, and neither has anybody that i have hunted with. I was wondering if anybody had any info on how many birds are banded, if they are in my area and if anybody who hunts down around my way has shot a banded bird. Any information would be great. Thanks alot
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This is only hearsay from another chat forum like this but i heard there are 39 million banded waterfowl. That includes geese, ducks, swans, etc..( includes neck collars)Only 3 million birds have ever been reportedly killed. So sounds like to me everybody has a good shot at one. Of course sometimes these banded birds sit down on a golf course or city lake and never leave so they are never killed, and others fly to different countries. My buddy shot a bird that was banded in Czechoslavokia. But as far as how many in your area, no one will ever know. I know guys that got a banded bird their first day hunting and i know guys that took them 20 years to kill a banded bird. So good luck
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