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Bale blind

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I'm looking to purchase a Gooseview Pro bale blind (2 man). But I'm wondering if this kind of blind is good ??? Did you ever hunt in that kind of blind ? Do you think it would be a good purchase ?

Please let me know what you think about that ?

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why a bale blind why not a ground blind like a finisher or a top gun? get back on your situation....

I'm asking those questions because ; first, I have a good price for a bale blind and second I think that with a ground blind you are limited to shoot at bird that are in front of you ! (I know that normally they are supposed to land in front of you, but sometimes you have to shoot them behind or beside you !)

i see, i haven't had that problem with it i have a finisher and had very little problem swinging around...........
To me they stick out like a turd in a punch bowl. We hunt Kansas and there are alot of haybales, but none are in grainfields where the birds want to eat. Maybe if they were using a field with haybales already in it...

PS You can pick up ameristep bale blinds at walmart here for $90
I have hunted in all kinds of fields, with or without a blind. Laydown blinds have 1 very important problem - you cant see what's behind you. I am putting a patent on a bale blind I made last year and this year I have used it in a wheat stubble field with no other bales and killed them. If you would like to see what it looks like, let me know.
Hi, I would be interrested to see it !
i would say go for the haybale blind because i have a three man and my father and i limmited out everyday that we went out. we hunt all kinds of fields from alphalfa to corn and beans and it has worked in all of them.
The power hunter layout blind is awesome. It has a really low profile and holes in the back. I had absolutely no problems seeing geese. We had some come behind us and the lid flips out of the way enough that you can still shoot back there. The layout blind would be more versatile and you can use it just about anywhere. A hay bale doesnt fit if your hunting a green field. I got mine for 99.99 at Bass Pro and it has been a great investment. just my .02
i would never mention the bale blind ever again they will work early when the geese are stupid but when the pressure is on spend the money on the laydown blinds they work WAY better
I agree that the layout is probably a better blind, and I have not had a problem swinging behind me. However, I would get a bale blind if I had a couple of feilds that had bales in them. They look comfy enough, but might have a problem falling asleep in them!
I bough an ameristep from Ebay. (sensor if you like), but I had the option of looking behind me while they circled. I don't like the high profile that it has but if you blend it in with hay then you don't have any problems. I think the haybale would be an excellent blind if you have fields with bales in them... Then again, I've never used one so what do I know. Give a try and let us know how it works..
I have used hay bale blind before but it was the only bale in the field and it looked odd to the geese and nothing came in except for 3 then they flared off right after they cupped their wings but that was 4 years ago and now i use layout blinds and they get the job done. I suggest you to use Bale blinds in a field where there are bales to make it look natural but yeah its common sense... i didnt have common sense when i was younger... :oops: good luck... layouts are the way to go.
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