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Avery Finisher in Field Khaki??

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Has anyone had any experience with the Finisher blind in Field Khaki? I see they are going fairly cheap on ebay new in the box and I figure they might be fine in a muddy cornfield which is where I hunt most of the season. Any input would be appreciated.
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I have 2 of them right now, I like how they blend into dry plowed or disced fields. They area lot lighter in color than a newly plowed or rained on, muddy field. Max 4 blends in better there.
ive not hunted out of the khaki finisher, but i have hunted out of the khaki migrator. they blend in just fine, all you have to do is cover them up with stubble, or bury them
You can always use some camo paint on the cloth to dress it up if you don't care for the straight kakki. I have one in shadow grass and it is an excellent blind. Plenty of room for most guys. I'm 6'1" 220 and it's really comfortable. If the price is right, it's hard to go wrong.
Thanks I look forward to getting it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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