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At what range do you shoot geese

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At what range do you usually shoot your geese at?
10-25 yards615.38%
25-35 yards1230.77%
35-45 yards1230.77%
45-55 yards615.38%
55-65 yards25.13%
65-75 yards12.56%
75 or more yards00.00%
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So me and okieshooter were talking about the range you we shoot geese and so he said we need a poll.

This is not to get back at you I don't hate you and don't want a grudge between us. I am not saying your a sky buster either

well lets see I am probably more curious than anything about this poll.
I voted.
we should also make a poll of what is your max range when shooting geese. just an idea
Yeah , you may need to change the wording of the poll to reflect max. range . Pretty much what we were debating anyway ,right ?
I think you right. is there any way I can clear the votes we and I will change the question

I'll make a new one because we can't clear the votes.

How do you want me to reword it.

What is the Maximum range that you would shoot a goose at?

Is that how I should rephrase it.
I think the Admin. can chang the poll...for now,
Put your vote and your max yardage in a post.
Look for the revised poll that we were talking about
Most of our shots are under 30 yards. I like to bring them in with their landing gear down. I always let my 2 kids shoot first and Pa does the clean up shots. Most of the time the kids nail em' when they are only 3 ft. off the ground. :lol: We don't have much for hunting pressure in our area, not to many goose hunters, plus I grew up here and have permission on most of the "X" fields the geese love. We change fields daily to change up.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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