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armorall on the decoys?

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I was wondering if it was good to armorall the bodys on my hardcore decoys or if it would flare geese I always armorall my duck decoys just wasn't sure about geese :?: :roll:
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Is the Armor all used to reduce frost? Do you notice any shine on your duck decoys from it?

Can't say I've heard of it before myself.
I would think it would put an un-natural shine on the decoy, just like your dashboard.
I would be nervous about doing that if it would put a shine on the decoy, especially on sunny days. Geese and shine have never gotten along together in my experience.
I you want to just go out there and have a pleasnt day in the field with your hunting companion but don't really want to shoot any geese than by all means shine them up.
Barnie Calef and Tim Grounds talked about that in St. Cloud last year, says it reduces frost and adds a little gleam to the decoys, just like natural feathers of a live goose is.
Well in the interest of furthering knowledge, yesterday I put Armour All on a decoy. It was a bright sunny day. I covered a goose and placed it out in the yard I put another decoy without Armour All next to it. Both decoys had a week old coat of flat paint. There was only a slight sheen on the treated decoy. When I placed the decoy in the shade (best I could do to simulate a cloudy day) there was no difference between the two. I looked at the decoys from close up and at a distance of 100 yards, with and without binoculars. To my eyes the difference was negligible, so I would have no problem putting it on flat painted decoys.
Hey thanks you guys for putting the effort in my question. I like the idea of keeping the frost off I guess I 'll try a cpl this yr
On the question about shine on the duck decoys it,s more like a sheen like there feathers are wet
I think it looked more like feather sheen from sunlight rather than a wet look.
I've been using Armor All to shine my goose decoy heads for 8-10 years, with great results.

Big Josh
20 years of waterfowling
in 3 Canadian provinces.
I've read posts on other forums regarding Armor All and some guys swear by it, especially on silos. I'm going to try it on a few of my most beat up Outlaws.
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