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anything dropping in nebraska?

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we hunt the north platte by in the mitchell-scottsbluff area and lately there has been more birds than you can imagine anywhere else doin any good?
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Hunting just west of Lincoln, NE right now. Lots of birds, but not much luck getting them to break away from the large flocks to decoy up.
im just outside of scottsbluff and lately weve got ****loads of birds and they are decoying in like nothing i had a friend in the middle of the river and ducks about hit him in the head they were trying to land on him
My buddy and I just bought 2 laydown blinds Friday. Saturday we killed 5 and today, 4. We shot like **** though, should of had limits both days. No more laying in the stalks for me!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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