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hey guys i got a private riverbottom alfalfa field to hunt. its in loveland colorado and half of it might be wheat........... im not sure. i know for sure there is alfalfa. i havent seen many geese flying yet but that will change here in a few weeks. i was looking for 2 maybe 3 guys that have a decent spread of full bodies............. i only have like 16 of the avery GHG................. last year i was seeing upwards of a thousand birds piling in there every night........ we will do the hunt when i start seeing more of them flying. so if anyone out there is interested in doing a hunt down here then give me a holler its free i am just kinda using you to have a better decoy spread. i will have two guys coming out so far and they have like 8 dozen bigfoots a couple dozen shells a dozen silo's and so on.......... and my 16 full bodies......... and hopefully one of you will have a big nice spread and want to come and make a giant black hole for the geese to fall into......... let me know

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That sounds like it'd be fun. Too bad I live in Michigan. I have an Aunt that lives in Colorado and one that lives in Loveland, Ohio though so it got my attention. Good luck!
When would you like to do the hunt. I live in Casper Wyoming, so I'm not that far away.
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