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Anyone use Gore-Tex or Neoprene Socks?

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On the Cabela's website it says that these Gore-Tex socks are the best investment that I'll ever make...Is it true? I know my feel get cold a lot and I don't got that kind of money to buy really good boots.

Has anyone ever used these Gore-Tex socks and do they work well?

Also, the neoprene socks...Are they work the 12 bucks or whatever they are?

Thanks guys
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During the off season I do a LOT of ice fishing and winter camping on the Canadian border. For my money go with a silk inner sock(even dress socks will do) with a wool sock over that. The silk will wick away moisture and the wool will keep you warm even when it's wet. If you want to stay warm(and we've slept on the ice with our sled dogs at -34) leave the cotton home! Thinsulate is good, but in the long run, silk and wool will win out over the new fancy stuff every time.
Hmm.. that sure beats spending the 40 bucks because I do have wool socks and church/dress socks.

Thanks a lot ponass! :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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