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anyone hunt loveland CO or close to it?

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hey guys i was wondering if anyone has hunted or has hunted around loveland COLORADO? if so how have you guys been doing? what types of fields you been hunting? whats been working for them? this last weekend i hunted a private lake that was all froze over. it was over off of madison and 29th. the geese didnt want to be on the ice but they were headed to a field on the other side of the lake....... looked like just a horse pasture.......... lots of geese in it. but the geese flew over us real low and i shot one wed two thurs two sat and three sunday. so we had some good luck....... wanted to see how any fellow hunters have been doing around here

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I hunt just south of you just east of Longmont. We were out Fri. afternoon and it was about the worst hunt I think I have ever had. We were on a frozen lake too and we set up for the afternoon flight. The only problem was that there never was an afternoon flight. We never saw one bird the whole afternoon. Not a one. Not in the air, not in fields, we never saw a thing. I don't know if they had moved out of the area or if they just staying the fields all night eatting. It was just a very depressing hunt. Glad to hear you did well though. We just havn't seen that many around.
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