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Anyone have success with windsock decoys?

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I don't have much money, as a matter of fact I have no money but should be getting some soon. I need a cheaper way to increase the size of my spread and make it look decent. I aleady am trying to make silo's out of plastic cardboard. But I was wondering if anyone has had success with Northwind Windsocl Decoys?? Thanks
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One of the guys I hunt with has 4 dozen homemade silo's, and they work O.K., but we've had our best luck when we mix in a dozen Northwind's (that's all we have right now, more would probablly be even better).

The silo's help draw the flocks attention and are low cost, but the 3-D and movement of the windsocks really seems to pull them in.
I would personally add some shells if money is the issue. Northwinds work well but be sure to outfit them with heads. Use a 1 to 10 or 12 looker vs. feeder when you put the heads on. The old Northwinds required wind to fill out. The newer ones with the plastic bar to keep them up work well even without wind. Obviously if money was not an issue, we would all hunt with dozens of full body dekes, but that's just not reality for most of us.
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