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anyone have a final approach blind?

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im thinking about getting one during the off season and i was wondering what anybody thinks about them?
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They have a lot of blinds, do you have your mind set on one in particular?
ya i was looking at either an X-lander or the eliminator by final approach, i also seen fred zinks finisher which also seems like a pretty decent blind to
Last season, my buddy's doctor and his brother bugged us to take them goose hunting, which we did, The good doc and his brother both got Power Hunter blinds that sold at Gander Mountain for about $150- about $200 less than final approach- and they worked great. They're also a lot lighter (very portable). I'm sure Kelly Powers has a website where you can see them.
Final Approach is the Grandaddy Cadilacs of the blinds out there IMO.
Go with the wont regeret it. Hey Alan!...nice to see ya here....i just stumbled in from the fuge :p
I just recently purchased a Final Approach Pro-Guide. I went with the Pro-Guide because it is big enough for me and one of my dogs both with plenty of room to have a comfortable day hunting.
I have to agree with everyone else i have a pro guide, it's VERY roomy enough room for a dog, your gun, shotgun shells, blankets, i can fit my g/f in it. Only thing is it doesn't fold up and can be hard to carry in.
I too have a pro-guide. The only complaint I have is that it doesnt fit in the short box of my pickup. Have to leave the tailgate down. Otherwise I love it.
Well I got the chance to use my new F/A Pro Guide on the opener this weekend. These blinds are the only way to hunt Geese! We had them cupping with landing gear down coming right in on top of us. If the excitement would not have affected our shooting ability we would have limited out in a matter of minutes. I also have an Avery Power Hunter for those areas you have to pack into. My brother in law used that blind, also a great blind but more like a mummy sleeping bag as far as room goes. My Pro Guide I was very comfortable with myself, my lab, shotgun, shells, gear bag and camera.

Take Care & Everyone have a great season!
Bullocklabs is right on. The pro-guide is more roomy and the seat is more comfortable and you can see good out of it. I get really good naps in mine :lol: . I have a power hunter too for when I have to walk in. I have a full sized Dodge Ram and I still have to leave the tailgate down when I use my F/A. If you're going to buy one blind you should consider one that folds up but with flaps like the F/A. The F/A X-Lander seems like a good one but I've never hunted out of it, same with the Shawn Stahl Migrator. Anyway........If you're going to drive up or trailer to you're spot and if comfort is a priority get the pro-guide. However if you're going to do some walking and extreme low profile is the priority look into something else.
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