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Anyone going to the Eastern Sportsman Show?

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Hi ya'll, I'm from around Harrisburg, PA and was wondering if anyone from around the area or surrounding states is going to attend the show.

It runs from Feb. 5-13.

I was also wondering if anyone is entering the calling competition. I'm pretty sure I'm going to see that.

Just seeing how far people travel to come see it.

See ya there!
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I'll be there sometime in the week. I'll probably be working there with a friend at his turkey call stand. I won't have to travel far seeing how I live just outside of York, Pa.
I will be there on Wed. to see the calling competition. Just to watch!, and learn. I am taking a half day and heading up around noon. See ya there. Just wont know who you are.
I'll be there saturday... I'm from Johnstown Pa...You can find me making numerous trips in and out of the skoal/cope tent! :lol:
Well that's cool to see that all you guys are going to the Sportsman's show.

See ya'll there!
ill be there also on friday
i'm going on tuesday. hopefully the line won't be to long for the free chew!
heard your gonna enter,get a hold of me so i can walk you though a'll be impressing judge's????? not geese. got to be on you game pro goose. call me we'll hook up????
No I didn't enter, but I should have. There were only 7 callers in the junior division....I would have had a shot.
damn dude,i heard you call,should have contacted me we could have got together and made you a routine.keep practiceing will go to middle creek an call. then to the about it.will be the three amigo's did you get to show your call???contact me though e-mail.probally going out fri morning to scout for geese you hunting sat????
I e-mailed you Steve, hope to go hunting Saturday morning.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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