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Anybody use Avery Powerhunter blind?

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I was woundering if anybody used the avery powerhunter blind. I was thinking about getting one in the shadow grass pattern. I'm either going to get the powerhunter or the cabelas interceptor blind. What do you guys think?
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I was thinking the same thing last year. I ended up with Power Hunter. It was a lot cheaper and I like it a lot. It's great for the price. I like the flip flop thing on top. I can watch the birds and they can't really see me as long as I have a facemask on.
I have one and don't like it at all. I have it in shadowgrass and plan to get rid of it prolly here pretty soon. If you are really set on getting a powerhunter instead of an interceptor, I would save some money and get the khaki one. After its all mudded and stubbled right, the camo pattern won't matter. I think I'm going to get a Final Approach X-Landr'. My buddy has one and I like it. There is also a pretty good blind out by Gooseview called the X-Terminator. My brother is probably going to get one of them.
Hey gooseslayer, why didn't you like it. I forgot to say that it is super light, another reason I like it. 8)
I have a question about the power hunter blind.

Are your arms concealed in the flip-top so you can call?

Never saw a picture with anyone in it with the top down...

Thanks guys
I have the power hunter and Your arms are covered up so you can call. I bought the field khaki because we hunt in mostly cornfields and then after the blind is all mudded up, we fill the straps with a lot of cornstalks. I am in college and cant afford the camo one, but this one works just fine. It is very good for vision, you can see all around and the power hunter has the mesh in the back so you can see whats coming in behind you. They are light and easy to carry. I think they are a good investment
Well that sounds sweet. I'm in the same boat as you except I'm still in HS. I just make do with what I have and usually rig up a blind.

But this power hunter sounds really good so I may have to invest in one come summer for next season.

Thanks for answering my questions :D
Get the Power Hunter in Field Khaki. I will guarantee that it will work for you. It's perfect if you want to be able to call out of it. I have had problems with other blinds because of the trap doors. You don't have all that much room to use your hands on your call, and for $119 - you can't go wrong. Just my .02

P.S. - Don't buy the Cabela's blind. It is a real hunk of ......!
I tried a Power Hunter and also didn't like it much. I tried the Xlander and loved it. It is way more comfortable for me and I like the doors. I would buy another in a heart beat if I needed another low profile blind.
i had the power hunter last year and got rid of it cause it had no room. low profile was great, and the 360* veiw was nice but i bought a FA s.u.b. for 139.00 new in box off thw internet. pm me and ill tell you where and what site and i didnt like the fact of laying my gun on the ground outside of it
if the ZINK crew uses it, then they work great and these guys call.
I have the camo one and I really like it alot.
Koz :beer:
I use the power hunter and it works for me. It can be tight and a little cold in winter but being easy to hide and having a 360 degree field of vision all but make up for the downfalls.
If your 6'0" 200lbs or bigger. Go another route, you won't regret it.
I bought a power hunter last year and used it this year i hate it. If your like me and my we stand around and talk when we arent seeing birds.
But when we stand around and see birds coming our way and you want to get in the blind fast you cant do it. It also it not vary comfortable.

I have used a friends finnal approach, i love it easy to get into and the gun doesnt have to lay on the ground.
i just bought me the powerhunter and i already LOVE IT!!!!! its awsome its in field kaki because camo is like 60 bucks more and you wont even see the camo after its all mudded and feild with the weeds/shrubs from the feild your huntin so i would just get the powerhunter only like $107.00 after tax from sportsmans :beer:
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