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any one visit north dakota to hunt?

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seriously thinking about going to north dakot for a wekk or so this fall and wondering if there is alot of game lands, easy to get permission on private land, or should just get a guide......thanks
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Skip the guide. You can get on land if you are willing to knock on a farmers doors. The way it looks right now if we don't get some rain the duck production is going to be way way down. We need rain badly.
i am a nonresident who hunted north dakota this past fall for the first time; hunted with a guide who advertised private access to private land ; we hunted unposted, unfenced, recently harvested land; one great day out of three ; middle of october in minot area; probably should have hunted latter part of oct. but that is duck hunting; if you will knock on doors and respect the land then a guide is not essential; visit the nodak outdoors page; do not ask for honeyhole locations, you will aggravate everyone; ignore all the anti nonresident stuff; i had a great time; everyone was friendly and got some invites without promising disney world; finally, consider a guide if first time and less than five days.
DO NOT GET A GUIDE TO HUNT IN NORTH DAKOTA....just put in a little bit time and make some long distance phone calls, you will not have a problem having an awsome hunt here......feel free to PM me if you have any questions... 8)
Easy to get permission here, don't get a guide jus make long distence phon calls or knock on the farmers door like admin said.
Use your binoc's, use your vehicle, put your hat in your hand at the landowners door, and you should be in great shape. I've been coming down from Alaska for several years now, and I have not seen more honest open people than the folks in ND. Everywhere I go people look you in the eye, smile, tell you to have a nice day, hello, or some other pleasant comment. Not true up here! Tell me you don't want to move after your first visit.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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