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Any one know anything about Mick Lacy Chinook SR call?

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I bought a Mick Lacy Chinook Shirt reed goose Call. I am having trouble using and am wondering if any one has any information or advcie. Thanks.
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What do you need to know? I have one on my lanyard. It is my only goose call I own and I like it alot.
Well about the only sound I can produce on it is a honk and even that is a far cry from sounding any good. I hear a lot about back pressure and what not but I don't know how to produce it. Any hints?
First short reed??
No. The first one I got was an Illusion. It's an ok call but doesn't sound like the geese here in pennsylvania. It's really easy to blow compared to the new one i got.
I say to whit into the call to get my honk with a stress on the whit. It takes alot of practice. I have someone who knows stand and listen to the call. WHen I get the thumbs up I just keep practicing. If I was there I could be more help, but it is hard to explain how to call or at least it is for me. Just keep pluggin and you will get it. I love the Mick Lacy Chinook. It is my favorite goose call.
Alright thanks. Good luck with them ol' geese.
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