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Any California Hunters out there??

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I hunt the Sacramento Area....

Jeff Given
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I have some also, but im from the eastern sierras, Mammoth area.
Up in susanville..You guys getting any honkers yet? We just got a few.
i hunt the sac valley , but i sure could hunt it better
Hey i'm from Reno NV, Anybody hunt up at Lake davis by portola?
I'm from Temecula CA and hunt down at the Salton Sea, snows mostly as the honkers are long gone.
im in southern california and i mostly hunt around the salton sea. i hunt around riverside a couple times during the season also.
yup i live in fresno but hunt in los banos
im a sacramento honker hunter, but ive only been out once this year

we did get a dozen of those big fat bastards though
Goose Huntin' Machine said:
I hunt the Sacramento Area....

Jeff Given
Ya, but your not very good. LOL
Jeff, just to rub it in a little..... these bar bellies were suckered in with a call you gave me. :mrgreen:

A few geese from this last season.

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Hi all I just moved to the Sacramento area and I am looking for some good spots to hunt. Is there any good places to smack some honkers,specks,and ducks? Southren cal just got to old please help
I live in missouri now. but was wanting to know if anybody still hunts grey lodge. we lived in sacramento for years and hunted it alot. was just wanting to know if it was still up and running.
Hi guys,

I'm a French boy who live in California since 2 weeks, I was hunter in France and I would to know what can I do to hunt here ?

I live in Irvine, next to Los Angeles.
I'll prefer hunt specklebelly or canadian geese and all ducks there are here if it's possible.
I live near Fresno but hunt all over the state and Canada. Heres a few of the hunts from last year...

The brant hunt

The Canada hunt. Only got a few this day :beer:

The prize of the day. 4 snows and this little guy..

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i do also. i mostly hunt public land and refuges. if anyone wants a hunting partner to hunt with on their club let me know. i am a very experianced caller with both ducks and geese, i have a retriever and tons of decoys.
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