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Any Albertans Lurkin 'round here

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I'm from Calgary, we're always looking for a new buddy to hunt with. We make regular trips to Hanna and Brooks every year too.
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I live in Redcliff.... I don't go that direction for my bird hunting, I go S.W. of Med. Hat.
I live in Sylvan Lake. My son and I do a lot of waterfowl hunting. At present there are lots of geese East of Bashaw and Camrose. Our problem is finding ducks. The flyway seems to have moved further east.
Yeah i can relate about the ducks.......I also live in sylvan lake, we did alot of gunning around camrose last year.Our peak times were late into october, early november.November 2-3 2005 we got into about 5 thousand plus mallards, but i did 2 days of scouting to find em.Last year the migration seemed a little later than usual.Also the fact that the crops came off the fields late didnt help.......This year i think is gonna be a banner year.
well, well, well, the mighty whitetailer surfaces on another message board, welcome aboard. Oh by the way I do almost all of my huntin around lloydminster but I do go to school in edmonton and could probably have my rubber arm twisted to get in a couple hunts around there.
Welcome whitetailer from SE Calgary..maybe you could weld up a light weight goose would be semi-rich...anyways I have been to Hanna and Brooks...before both equally good...75% permission..I usually hang out at Nakama to sharpen my shooting before Sask
If you want to find out more about the "infamous" Whitetailer check this out:

Trust me, it's an incredible soap opera.

Or try
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