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Another flocking question

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OK...So I'm gonna flock some Outlaw silo's. What do I apply the rustoleum w/? Brush, roller? You say to put it on thick? 1/16", 1/8" 1/4"? then when you apply the flocking, do you press it into the paint? Dust it on, then shake it off? What about the legs and beaks? Ever flock those? Or are the 'possed to have a slight sheen to 'em? Thanks for the input! Jim
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After roughing up the surface, we just used a brush and put a good coat on it, I couldn't tell you the thickness. Then we had a little cardboard tube with a hole in the end. You pump it and it would put out a fine powder. You shouldn't need to press it on. I can see about getting you some pics of ones we have already done if you wanna see how we did all of our decoy heads.

The only thing I would worry about flocking is the heads.
Thanks...but why only the heads??? I guess I shoulda stated these were snows and not honks! Is the cardboard tube thingy an aftermarket item you buy or do you make it outta a papertowel roll and a plunger?
It came with our kit. For snows I would do just the black on the wing tips, etc. Sorry about the confusion. I just assumed you were doing canada heads. I assume you are using black flocking right?
I was gonna do white and black and rose for the legs and beak. I dunno if you should do the legs and beak tho.
White flocking?
nr_gooseslayer said:
White flocking?
Yeah...I got these used and you can tell where they've been rubbed, they have a sort of scuff shine to them. It's annoying as heck. My thought was to coat them w/ white rustoleum and white flocking, then use black on the wingtips, then rose for the beaks and legs. Now the other part about these outlaw silo's (not jenny vanes) is that they're not really white...kind of a couple shades darker.
If it was me, I wouldn't even use white flocking. I have decoyed snows to white trash bags tied to corn stalks. I can't see it making much of a difference cause there doesn't seem to be enough contrast to make it worth while. The outlaw snows we painted we used flat white rustoleum and flat black rustoleum only. Krylon sells a dulling spray that knocks down glare and helps protect paint. As long as they still kinda look like sone geese, I can't see the problem with them.
OK...I'll try it your way 1st. Thx for the insight. J
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