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another flagging question

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I will be hunting in a field. I am going to be in the woods by the field and I was wondering what is the best way to flag from this position. I thought I could run out into the field and flag and when they get within 500 yards I will run back into the woods or will just flagging from the woods work? Thank you.
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You could get an extender pole if you're within a reasonable distance of the trees. Any reason why you can't lay out in the decoys?
I have an extender pole, but I thougth it would just be easier to walk out there and flag. I rather not use the layout blind if I don't have to. To me it is just another thing to take out there. :lol:
You'd rather not be laying in the decoys!!!! :shock: Man,that's the best, getting em in your face with their landing gear down!!! :D I just can't see anything better, close, clean kills, shootin em in the lips.

Anyways, they make poles with kites you may want to give a try, if your area has any sort of wind. Around here a good wind is pretty hard to come by.
I am with #1. The geese don't want to be near that woods as its a place for you to hide. Get some cheap camo cloth and a layout board to isolate you from the ground and cover with the cloth. Make straps or bungees on the cloth and slide local cover in the cloth. I tried hunting father away and missed more and in the decoys seems to be a better way and better range for hitting more geese.
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