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Amount of decoys

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How many decoys do you use for early season? Late season?
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well this early season I used about 30decoys that worked good enough.
During the early season along the St. Lawrence we can use about 3-4 dozen total. I have gone alone where I set out 2 dozen shells and a dozen outlaws and had them coming in all day. Our early season has small family groups of birds so it doesn't take too many to bring them in.

Late season is a different story. As I'm sure you all know it's hard to pull in a big flock with a small ammont of decoys. I guess thats why I am still buying more today.
Early season - two or three dozen set up as family units. Late season - from two up to five dozen. Nothing massive like some of the guys on these sites. When we hunt in Saskatchewan in October we put out every deke we have. In Wisconsin the limit is a whole lot lower, so it doesn't make sense to put out 12 doz dekes for a 1 or 2 bird limit.
Yeah, ponass has a good point, but not too many people in Wisconsin have a 12-13 dozen spread like us. I like to call it "running traffic." Imagine, geese fly around seeing 3-5 dozen all year, why not throw them something different. Late season they're all bunched up, we create a nice sized black blob in the middle of the fields for them to land with, seems to work very well. OUr last hunt this year we shot 8 out of the first three small flocks that came in, no hesitation at all. A lot of feeders and some shells seemed to help a lot too, made our flock look relaxed and intent on feeding.

Early season, 3-8 dozen, depending on the population of locals, broke up in family groups with a couple walkers that have just landed.
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