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Ameristep Fieldhouse Blinds

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I was wondering if anybody had one of these. They have them at our local Walmart for 89.99 so I am 99.9% positive that my brother, his friend, and me are all going to pick one up this Sunday. I already know it prolly won't be the comfiest. That is why I am going to bring a pillow to put my @$$ on. I just want it because of the price tag on it and I know Ameristep blinds are pretty good blinds. I am only going to use it for hunting on pond dams and in fields(except bean which is what I got some super mag canadas for) I hope I get some input on these blinds. Thanks
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For a little extra you can get the Final approach Ground hog blind at Bass Pro for $100 or you can go for thd Avery Powers bling at for $149 which would be a much better blind. you're already spending a $100 you might as well get blind you like a lot more.
IMO.... money spent here has no limit when it comes to comfort, id rather spent an extra 100$ and not come home with a back ache then spent less just to save money. Laydown blinds are kinda like calls sure u spend a lot on them but with the right care they last and are a better payoff in the end. My friend got a goose chair for field hunting and a year later hes got a Cabela's Laydown blind??? hmm that happend becuz he didnt like the look and feel of the chair so while the chair gain dust, he laying in comfort in the field. I personaly have an Fred Zinks Finisher Blind and it was worth every penny i paid for it. Ive been out late season goose hunting and im a Minnesotan so weather changes every two secs, and it was snowing and blowing and i was sitting in there not feeling any of the wind. We got out to pick up geese and all i could think about was getting it done quickly to get back into my blind, cuz its soo comfortable

PS. Hunting is already hard sport dont make it any harder on urself.

lata, 2d
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My friend and I went and bought one anyways. I think it is a neat little blind. I also bought a 15 dollar body pillow to go in it and it is just as comfy as my bed now:lol: I think it is easy to see out of and I will not regret buying it. It is very is easy to transport(extremely light) and is easy to set up and take down. There is enough room in there for me and my friends 2 labs(one weighs 75 and the other ways 100 :D ) Overall I would take it over a 300 dollar blind. Thanks
yes they do the trick but we'll see how they hold up in two yrs :?:
lol, yeah after 2years it might be time for a new one
Mines 3 years old and is still doing awesome...
We took ours back today and are buying 2 avery power hunters tomorrow. They stick out like a turd in a punch bowl in my opinion. We think that we will be able to make the avery's blend in better and hopefully be more durable.
used the avery finisher today loved it with the stubble straps it blends great got to mud them
Yeah, I've got 3 finishers, like them quite a bit, but gonna get 2 more Power hunters this next week for the low profiles. Finishers stils sit too high for my taste in alfalfa or wheat... :roll:
I have a Finisher and I must say I agree when I say just take the extra money and spend it for comfort,durability,and reliability its money well spent!
i agree with gooseman a 110% i have a finisher and it is just a very nice blind and would be worth the money to buy one....
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