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Amazing Numbers

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Has anyone else in the Central Flyway been seeing huge numbers of Specks as of late. I was out tonight hunting snows and couldn't keep the Specks out of the decoys. I must have seen 2,000. Simply Amazing.
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There was a few thousand in our area in Ne NE, happens every spring.
hey fellas i was just wondering if there are ever any specs in illinois
A couple of years ago Quivira NWR here in Ks had over 400,000 of them. Shallow Marsh refuge that specks just love. I don't hunt there though, but the 2 places I do hunt geese gave up 15 last season for me!
scene alot of specks mixed n with large flocks of canadians in the late season around my home town.. all the way from salina to manhattan all the way down towards marion lakes.. large numbers of specks.. we have seen a trend with them and im loving it.. we killed a few this year. going to get some fa speck deks for fields hunting.. and a new foiles migrator spec call.. but we see a bunch.. and they dont take a lot to bring down.. kent fast steel 1 or 2's and thats it.. very tasty goose i might add to.. :beer:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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