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Am I wrong?

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I am able to post on A guy posted about his daughter's first hunt and mentioned several times that he let his daughter shoot at the geese on the ground which often wasn't more than 10-15 yards away. He says he was instructing her on which ones to shoot so as not to shoot the decoys. His daughter got her first goose while it was on the ground standing in the decoys. Does anyone else find this highly unethical? I have assisted with several youth hunts and have seen videos of several of my buddies youth hunts. We would never shoot geese off the ground no matter how young the hunter was. I will probably get kicked off for the email I sent the admin, since he said I was trying to take away the guy's thunder by questioning the legality of shooting an uninjured bird off the ground. He said I was hypocritical by saying that since I don't shoot cripples in the air.. Was I wrong by bringing up this point about shooting them off the ground?
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That's bushleague. Shooting a goose off the ground...please, I don't care if it's a little girl or a full-grown man, shooting a flying bird off the ground is bull****! I hope that girl ends up not taking up to hunting, because this "family tradition" might just get passed on...I've hunted geese out of a small boat where I snuck up on them in some weeds, but I at least let the things get in the air and have half a chance...
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