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Alberta waterfowl

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Anybody here hunt Alberta?

I've heard that alberta is a great place for waterfowlers. I'm actually considering heading there for a career change. Are there any areas better than the others for waterfowl?

Any info would be great.
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Where I live in southern Alberta is some of the best waterfowling you'll experiance anywhere.
I outfit for birds here in Alberta and it is awsome. Peace river area is great for the numbers of geese but if you want mostly big geese go to central or southern Alberta. We have Rod Haydel and Bill Saiff come every year to do their t.v. show with us. They use to hunt in the Peace country and said they switched to central Alberta because there were more of the big honkers. They said for getting good limits that it is easier up north so it all depends on what you want. The other good thing is that they say there is better duck hunting in the lower part of Alberta in the pothole country.
Im takeing my first trip North of the border this Oct. Going to Sask.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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