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A String of unfair/Bad luck

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I am 19 and in the third year of waterfowling. I talked to the (2)farmers near my house and was told they already had guys goose hunting their feilds which by the way are next to eachother. Saturday I went out and set up a few decs on a half acre plot of scrubby weeds that i do have permission on next to those feilds. Fock after flock of geese flew over which were well within range but i let them pass and most ended up dead in the other guys spreads. finally a small flock came to me and I took one bird. A few days later the farmers came to me unhappy that I was hunting their feilds and messing up the other hunters. why?? How?? needless to say I saw those hunters take well over their limit and then went cryin to the farmers about the one bird I killed. Now the farmers hate me for something I didn't do but it's doughtful they'll believe me. It wouldn't be such a deal But I enjoy crow,predator and small game hunting on the farmers feilds but I fear I lost permision there too...What do I do??? Thanks I just needed to talk to some people who understand...
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Why not try getting to know the guys hunting the adjacent fields
explain to them that you have permission to hunt other fields around them, but dont want to mess them up and ask if you could join them for a hunt. Most decent guys would welcome you to join them. I have taken quite a few new guys with me. Its really not about shooting tons of geese.
Its about spending time with family and friends.

But on a dark note, if these guys are shooting over their limits, they may not be the type you would want to hang out with. Maybe a call to the game warden would be in order.

Some hunters out there are only in it for numbers, but im sure if you look around, you can find some decent guys to hunt with.

When I first started a couple years ago, I had a guy ask to hunt with us one afternoon after we had a pretty good morning in that field.
We said sure. Just recently he showed up in the field I was going to hunt that evening probably 10 minutes before we got there. He didnt invite us to stay and hunt with him. So, sometimes you meet good guys and sometimes you dont. I know I wont invite him back the next time.
And I dont feel bad about running traffic between the roost and the field in that situation. Talk to as many farmers as you can and get permission to hunt , you never know which fields the birds may be in from one day to the next.

Good luck, Goosehuntinman
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I do alot of preditor hunting and dont seem to run into much trouble. Most farmers and rancher want to get rid of the preditors. This is my first year of waterfowl hunting and i have also ran into farmers who dont let us hunt, i spent many hours looking for land and did find some. so just keep looking and you will run into the right person. Maybe try and ask them if they need help with anything or tell them you will bring some meat back if they dont hunt. good luck and keep trying
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