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A general question about goose calling

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Hi. I'm completely unknowledgable about calling or hunting, but I'm writing something about geese and have a question about calling. Is it probable for a hunter to get a call a human makes with a goose call mixed up with the sound of an actual goose? In other words, if a hunter hears another hunter using a goose call, would the first hunter mistake it for a goose or will they recognize it as a call? Is it difficult to recognize the difference between the two? Thank you
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They people who can call good will sound just like a goose (not me). It is made to sound like a goose, so yes, a hunter could think it was a goose when really it was another hunter. And if you don't mind me asking, what are you writing about? The questions you have asked sound like they could be used against hunters. :roll: I am not saying that you are a anti-hunter. Just curious.
Hahaha. Uhm, well I am a creative writing major, and I'm writing a narrative poem about a teenage farm boy from canada who stumbles upon some hunters from town killing geese. They kill 2 or 3 with a gun with a (home-made?) silencer, then hide, relax, and wait for the mates of the dead geese to circle around, calling out to their dead mates. The hunters are waiting for the other geese, so they can kill them too. The boy asks if they'll be there tomorrow, so he can know to stay out of the woods; they say yes. That night, he loads up his bag and travels through the woods toward the red blinking light of a radio tower. He climbs its ladder and sits on a small platform 1/2 way up. The sun has almost risen, and he gets to goose calling. He calls for a couple hours and finally the goose hunters show up on the edge woods, investigating the call. (I'm not sure about the calling part yet. But the only other way I have for him to attract the hunters is to tie geese to the radio tower.) One of the hunters comes out into the clearing (for some reason, haven't figured this out yet). The boy shoots the hunter with a rifle. The other hunter runs toward the man thinking he's shot himself. The boy aims and shoots him too. Then he waits for whoever will come and investigate (like the hunters did with the geese (implying that he will shoot those people too)).

The poem isn't necessarily anything negative about hunting. It's just a story about a messed up kid. I know almost nothing about hunting. Do any parts of the story (besides the crazy kid) seem implausible to you?
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Hey the whole part of the kid hunting humans!!! We as hunters on this forum have enough problems with people blamming our sport for murders and other things that have no relavence at all to hunting. Poems like yours may not be ment to hurt the hunting community but they will just fuel a fire thats already buring like a mother.

Try this poem. A very nice young man lives in a small country town. The town has a horrible problem withe the over population of deer so he along with his dad and freinds, hunt the deer during the regular deer season and save the town from running over deer and prevent the deer from destroying crops. People like him will control the deer population and make it much more healthy to the deer and people.
What about humans over populating the land and destroying the habitat? Do deer get to don .22's and take them out, because they get in the way?

But I'm really not arguing against hunters. I think hunting is an immeasurably nobler way of getting food compared to raising animals and slaughtering them or buying meat from a grocery store. Maybe I'll attempt to make that point somewhere in the poem: probably a comment a hunter says in his dialog w/ the boy about the strategy.

It's just what it is. Turning the tables a bit--not on hunters, but on humanity. And the boy is young for a reason. He doesn't know any better.
All sounds a little fishy to me. :roll: Deer are animals, not humans. How many times do I have to say that. :lol:
Alright, then if you are not an anti-hunter, you will agree with me on this. We are humans because we are the smartest thing on earth. We have power over all animals and we can do as we please with them. So we as humans do not mess up the food chain killing other animals and not having other animals kill us. Correct?
Ill sure agree with you!!! Hunters in my opinion make the habitat much better for animals. And I have a hard time believing that guy is being totally honest since his comment about raising animals for food. And by the way I buy meat from the store that is from animals which sole purpose was to become food. I dont care if anyone dislikes that but that the way it is and should be.

I said this in the Landing Zone, and I'll say it here...guys I think you need to be very careful with this, I don't feel that tanjo's motives are exactly pure.
tanjo is at Nodak Outdoors spreading the same propoganda

Here's the question:

Is it probable for a hunter to get a call a human makes with a goose call mixed up with the sound of an actual goose?
Followed up with:

Do deer get to don .22's and take them out, because they get in the way?
The motives here aren't about a school poem, or he/she wouldn't still be here arguing the morals of hunting.

Just ignore.
My thoughts exactly Gman!

I figure this is a ploy to help the antis somehow.

Read his posts very closely, and I believe you can see his intent.
When I see threads or stories of thof this nature that involve fantacy, be it stories, poems, or sick ramblings of kids shooting people, I can't help but think of the rash of senseless school shootings that have been in the news of late. Anyone that perpetuates this kind of thinking and promotes it, like the one that started this thread should not only be banned from positive sites like GHC, they should also have their IP address and information reported to the authorities.

Members in good standing, do not respond to this individual. Let the authorities quiet him down in a 6x6.
Instead of hunters, why not make them mimes?....French mimes...the kid could use a mime call and silently call the French mimes and then jump out of the bushes naked and scare the $hit out of the mimes.....

Now that's creative writing...

I weap for the future if this is what school/college has become. :cry:
Mimes! I love that..LMAO!


Where do you find a mime call...I just might have to get one!
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