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835 help

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Hay guys.. I know most of you are shooting something other than a Mossberg, but in the event that you have some info...
I got a new 835 for my Bday a few weeks ago. The old one that I was using was my dad's (Thanks Dad). Any way, his shot great with a full choke and 3.5 nitrosteel (BB). I knocked a few around with it. Mine doesnt' do as well with the same combo. Any tips are very welcome at this point. New choke? Different manufacturer of choke? Lengthen the forcing cone of the gun? I'm stumpped. I've changed to the mod coke and it's doing OK but I'm not impressed with like I was with my fathers. I'm suffering shotgun envy!! Oh and my wife purchased the gun for me so I can't take it back!!
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Every gun patterns different with various loads. I'd start looking for different loads or try a different choke.
Get about for different loads and all the chokes you have and pattern your gun. You should get a good one of of that. Good luck. :D
Thanks guys. I've tried a few different types today. Federal #2 and #1's. I also was given 3 heavy shot loads from my buddy. Boy what a difference that made. To bad I can afford to shoot them all the time. I also tried the mod choke with the BB (nitro mag). I got a much better pattern out of that. I think I had to tight of a pattern and I wasn't getting the spread that I was used to. Much better now. Can't wait till Thursday AM. The Geese are really flying in my neck of the woods..
If you are stuck on Federal, you may want to give the Ultra Mags a try. I gave my 835 to my kid this fall and he shot Kent Fasteel in it and it worked great. I took it back for a weekend during the early season and crushed them with Federal Ultra Mags. Give a few of them a try, pattern them on a big sheet of cardboard and see how each of them measure up. The faster speed (1550) pattern better in mine than the slower stuff.
I'm not stuck with any brand or lable. I use what works best for me. Unless it's the heavi shot. I think we would all love to shoot that if we could afford it. That stuff is just plain impressive. I'll give both of them a try. Oh and the only reason I'm shooting the NitoSteel is that there were 4 boxes of them for 8 bucks a piece at the local wallie world. Couldn't pass it up..
Good a reason as any :)
Sure thing man. 8 bucks for 3.5 nitro's.. I asked the manager if there were any more in the back!!!! LOL..
I just replied to one of your other threads.. Something about someone tossing out decoys.. LOL.. I said that they could send them to me, I'd pay the shipping...
I also have an 835 mossberg and I found that the patternmaster choke works really good in my gune. I since upped to the 935 but still keep my 835 around just in case :? I find that T's and F's pattern the best in both but also shoot alot of bb's through them both as well.I use remington and winchester shells mostly
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