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6 fullbodies or 2 dozen shells?

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If you were going to hunt in the early season what would you take, 6 fullbodies(GHG) or 2 dozen shells? Thanks.
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You have the exact same dilemma I have. I thing I will go with the fullbodies, cause they look more realistic. Silos would be another good thing to look at.
I have a dozen real geese it's just that the question I asked is a debate in my family, but I would go with the fullbodies too because I think they are much more realistic. Thanks for the reply.
dad just picked up 6 greenhead geese FBs, and i have no doubt that they, and some silhouettes ( make your own from corr. plastic) will decoy the geese.

Dont get me wrong so will 2 dozen shells, but the Fbs are amazing..

my 2 cents

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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