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5x10 enclosed decoy trailer for sale

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I'm selling my Black enclosed decoy trailer for $1300 or BO. It's got a single swinging to the side door in the back and a 30" door up front. It also has 2 flood lights out the rear and 3 interior lights, so it really glows. I also put a little ladder rack on it for hauling my 10' jon boat. I can fit around 75 fullbody goose decoys(mostly foots), 2 dozen shells and 3 finishers and 2 powerhunters and she's pretty full.

Tires are good, everythings straight except the front has a small dent in it from someone backing it up and jack knifing it. Carpet up half the sides inside to protect decoys from damage from bouncing around.

Only way to get a hold of me is by phone, I just bought a house and am in the process of movng, no more internet for a while.

#'s (715)263-3580, I live in Clear Lake, WI. Will deliver as far as 150 miles in any direction, maybe more.
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are you selling any dekes during the move?

let me know about your snows if you are...thanks!

Jeff given
hey would you take $1000.00 for this trailer i got myself into a hole and i have 2 many decoys but no place to store them so they are all getting ruined and i need a place to store them!!!!!! my dad told me that we could get a trailer but i dont have a lot of money to spend...... he might pay a thousand for one... but it would take some convincing... thats where i start leavinng some of them around right in his way so that he starts to get annoyed... lol but for a thousand i might be able to take it off your hands... let me know i live in colorado... so we would have to find some way to get it to me... let me know thanks... justin
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