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3 bands

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I love goose hunting. The other day, 3 0f the 8 canadian geese I killed were banded. Does this happen very often?
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Not in my neck of the woods.

Great luck you got there.
it seems like when the bands are coming they are coming. It had been a while since i shot a band, then on the last day of our season, i shot a pair that were both banded.
goose man said:
Does this happen very often?

I've seen a number of banded birds during the summer, but in 35 years of goose hunting I have yet to have a whack at them in the fall.

Goose Man congrats.
Must of got into a family group? By the way how many can you shoot a day and where are you from? I Nebraska we can only shoot 3 a day. I've shoot 2 banded geese this year both in IL. I normally get one or 2 out of my pit a year but, there is nothing normal about this year.

Double Clucker
Congrats on the bands. 3 out of 8 sounds real lucky to me. I guy I hunt with told me that he was at the public lake we hunt at in the summer and he saw 4 geese standing by the water and they all had bands. :twisted:
Congrats I've yet to shoot a banded goose or duck. I've seen a few neck collared geese but it was never when i was hunting. The season is about done here so maybe next year.
Congrats, I shot three that came in to the decoys and 2 of them were banded, they were probably a pair as they were male and female and were banded on the same day.
alot of shooting bands does have to do with your spot, some are just in a flyway. Freddie Zink has a spot in ohio, that they shoot bands out there everytime they are there, in 24/7 there is a scene where they shot a whole bunch of neck bands in a row.
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