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2 doz Shells vs. 1/2 doz Fullbodies

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I was just wondering which would be a better investment. 2 doz shells at $50 a dozen, or 1/2 doz fullbodies at 69.99. I already have 300 texas rags, and a doz old magnum duck shells that we painted up to look like snow geese. Would the birds rather see the 2 doz shells or just 6 fullbodies. I want to get some snows this year so your opinion is appreciated.
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IMHO I would invest in some northwinds. We had 700 texas rags, 150 silos and 300 northwinds last spring and the rags got destroyed the first weekend, we shot 11 birds. The next weekend, we had just the northwinds and silos and just hammered them.
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