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$105.00 each for new RNT ORIGINAL, RNT TIMBRE, and ZINK XR-2

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I just bought two acrylic RNT calls this afternoon. I have an RNT Timbre in SMOKE/CLEAR and also an RNT Original in BLACK. These are being sold for $129.99+TAX+SHIPPING from both Macks Prairie Wings and Cabelas. $115.00 each, plus I will pay shipping.

I also bought an acrylic Fred Zink XR2 duck call in SMOKE. Macks Prairie Wings and Zink's website have that one retailing for $124.99+TAX+SHIPPING. I will sell that one for $110.00, plus I will pay shipping.

I also bought an acrylic ZINK LM-1 "Little Man" in GUNSMOKE. That one retails for $139.00 on the Zink Website and Cabelas. I will give it to you for $120.00 shipped.

All calls are new in box and include the call pouch.
Send me a PM, but your best bet is to email me at [email protected]
I will be listing these calls on other hunting webs sites over the weekend.

Thank you,

Micah Likness
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I'll take your Little Man off your hands, but my computer got a virus and I have to use my bro's, so PM me back and I'll get back to you in the next couple of days. I'll take it for sure though!

Sent you a PM
THE RNT TIMBRE (Smoke), RNT ORIGINAL (Black), and ZINK XR-2 (Smoke), are all reduced to $105.00, and I will pay for shipping and insurance.

I also have a new RNT ORIGINAL (Kelly Green) that is also $105.00, plus I will pay shipping.


LM-1 *SOLD* pending payment


on your zink xr-2 duck call do you still have your dvd with it? if so I will take it
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