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10 gauge VS. 12 gauge 3.5

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can someone explain the difference between a 10 gauge vs. 12 gauge.

same length
almost the same dia.
more ounce load with 3.5 12 gauge

How do these vary ?

Is the 10 or 12 better for goose hunting and why ? :?:
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I shoot a Remington SP-10 and love it. I also shoot a SBE II and love it as well. I shoot the SBE at ducks and the SP-10 at geese. I would take my SP-10 over any 12 guage any day of the week. The SP-10 has recoil that is equal to a 20 guage. I don't know why, but the 10 guage is noticeably more deadly than the 12 guage. I have wondered why, because they are not hotter loads than the 12 guage loads. Some of the guys I hunted with last year used SBE's and they chased wounded geese everytime. Us guys with the SP-10's seemed to kill em dead when they were shot. Needless to say, thay have all bought SP-10's this summer. I also shoot Hevi shot and a Patternmaster on both guns and recommend it, they are a very good combination.

I have heard that sp-10's are not worth the money, that the benelli Nova is all a guy needs to be a true goose slayer...
If my SP-10 ever got stole, I would scrap every penny I could find to buy another one. They are expensive but well worth the money in my opionion. I would not be caught goose hunting without my SP-10. The recoil on it is so minimul that you could shoot it all day and not get sore or beat up by it. And like I said before, they have much more killing power for some reason.

I guess my opinion is the people that shoot the 10 gauge, are the people that should spend alittle more time perfecting there shot. I have killed numerouse geese with a 12, and even a 20 guage over decoys. Seems like overkill. I'll spend my savings on additional equipment.
I guess if you are not open minded about the replys you get, then why did you ask the question if you already had your mind made up? I feel that I am an excellent shot and I don't think that has anything to do with the gun I shoot while I am goose hunting. It is over kill if the geese are 10 yards away, but most of your shots are not that close. I hunt with a group of guys that are competitive callers and we do very well so it has nothing to do with our calling or our spread, by the time the geese get down here they are very spooky and we shoot 10 guages.
First off, if it does make any difference what you shoot because they are so close, then why shoot the over priced sp-10 gun and shells ?

The 12 is just as effective with half the cost ?

It sounds to me that you have more money to burn on guns ( sbe2 & sp-10 ) than most of us low budget hunters do.

We do it as a hobby, for low cost fun... with lots of kills a year.

Where does your party hunt ? I would like to give you a demostration on how affective a 12 can be...
In your first post you said that the loads are very similar and asked what is the differance. I replied that the 10 guage has more killing power than a 12 guage. I agree with you that they are very similar. I am a waterfowl guide here and I hunt most days of the week. I shoot the guns I shoot because of their reliability. Yes, they are expensive guns, but they have never let me down. We spend a lot of money every year to give our clients the best hunt possible, that is why they come back year after year. I do know a little about the subject. I just gave you my opionion on the 10 guage that is what you asked for. I never said the 12 guage was not effective. I have shoot a 12 guage for a number of years. I just prefer the 10 because it has far less recoil than a 12 guage. The shells are just about the same price as the 12 3 1/2's where I buy mine as well. I am not argueing with you, and I am not saying that I am right, I just gave you my opinion on your question.
Sounds like you are a true hunter. What days do you have open ? I would like to book a hunt for the first part of your season, so that I can show you how the 12 gauge will out perform the 10.

Where are you located in Kansas ?

Where do you hunt in Kansas ?

I have hunted at cheyenne bottoms and Glen Elder are you close ?
I have been reading this colum and I would have to agree with banshee333. Sounds like you need to pratice on your shooting skills. I have been shooting a nova pump (20 guage) and I have killed many geese and ducks. I have also been with friends that have sp-10's and I have out shoot them everytime. Don't tell me that a nova does not kill geese. When I shoot they are dead. You need to aim for the head not the body.
I agree with Banshee and novaman. I bought a Xtrema, and wished I would've bought a gun that only takes 3 in shells. What is the fun of packing a cannon out there? If you can talk like a goose or a duck you ought to be able to shoot them with a 2 3/4 12 gauge. I am currently looking for a used 20 gauge to add to the fun.
I shoot a Nova and it's awesome, kills many birds, but if I had the $$$, I would definetly go get a SP-10. You can never have too much fire power as far as I'm concerned.
IMO a 20 ga. is way too small unless you are using bismuth or Hevi-shot, and if you can afford hevi-shot, go buy a 12 ga.

I would pay money to see a 20 ga. out shoot a 12 or 10 ga. using the same non-toxic shot, cash money.

I guess I could see a 20 ga. being effective on a golf course :mrgreen:
nothing takes the place of a well placed shot.
Banshee why did you post a question about 10 g vs 12 g if you feel this way? Are you just trying to start an argument or boast of how great you are because you can kill a goose with a 20 gauge? I have killed geese with my bow after deking them. I hunt with a browning 10 and agree with magnum for all around performance they are the best but that is an opinion WHICH IS WHAT YOU ASKED FOR!!!. That does not mean you can't kill geese with a 20 g or a 12 just as effectively
I specifically aksed if someone could explain the difference to me as why everyone believes the 10 is all mighty. If you compare the stats of the loads the 3.5 12 has a significant lead over the 10. I just wanted to know if there was any true evidence of the 10 being better.
Try this link
This is all I could find. They tell you that the 10 outperforms the 12 just like the 12 outperforms the 20. This is not just my opinion but the results of their test.

What's the name of your guide service ?

I've have called all my contacts in that area and they are telling me that the only guide service in Hill City is a Outfitting Service that guides only upland birds.

Do you have openings ? I hunt there often and would love to show you a few things about the 12.

I guess that I have to agree with you on one thing, that the SP-10 is nice to have along on a hunt, incase you need a good heavy Jack handle........

I to would like to know your outfitting guide service. I hunt around the usa but have never hunted in kansas. Could you post a number so I could give you a call to book a hunt.

I have checked your user name and found you are in Hill City Kansas. The only outfitter I could find is a Jayhawk Outfitting. They only do upland hunting or do they do waterfowl hunting and not advertise it. Can I give the phone number I found a call and if so will I be able to talk to you. Or is this a different outfitter than you work for. Again please give a name of the outfitter you work for so I can book a hunt.
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