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10 gauge or 12 gauge 3.5

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Is there really a need for these guns? Now that hevi-shot is out, I think there is no use for these. I am not trying to start a forum war, I am just curious of why you would want one of these guns.
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I would ask you how much money you want to spend!!! Ever compared the price of 10 gauge shels to 12 gauge shells?? The price difference is unreal if you don't reload your own shells.

I'd go 12 gauge 3 1/2" Beretta Extrema, nothing ever to lose. If it ever malfunctions, just slam it on the grouond, it'll work afer that!!! 8)
I am not looking to buy one, I am just curious of why some of you guys have them. thank you
Here we go again on this topic !!! :lol: I ain't biting !!!
I don't blame you for not answering, look at the last time someone asked a similar question. :lol: I am not really looking to buy one now, I just wanted to know if it was worth looking into one day. thanks :)
I say, shoot what you like. I use my Browning BPS 10-ga for both geese and ducks (turkey too in the Spring) and wouldn't leave for the blind without it. In my opinion the performance of the gun far outweighs the cost of the shells, which around here in upstate NY is about $10 more than 12-ga shells of the same type. But, I've got to admit that I've never fired a 3 1/2 inch 12-ga so I guess so I can't really say which is better.
Hey, Savage: don't worry about whether or not you've shot a 3 1/2" 12. It's nothing but a marketing gimmick. :shock: That 10 ga. is the answer. You're right - the extra cost of the shells is barely noticeable when you see the results. I, too, won't leave the house w/o it - especially when I get over this d***ed cold.
"I would ask you how much money you want to spend!!! Ever compared the price of 10 gauge shels to 12 gauge shells?? The price difference is unreal if you don't reload your own shells. "

when you actually compare the prices it's only five bucks more for a case of 10 ga winchester supremes over 12 ga 3.5-well worth it in my opinion
get an ithaca mag 10, a browning bps or the remingon 10 ga. when you pull the trigger often two birds will fall. cant go wrong with the 10 ga. most people who think they need the 12 ga 3.5 artillery either dont know when to shoot or cant shoot. if you can shoot, the 10 ga will knock em down every time. some will argue that if you can shoot a 20 will do the trick too, but spend the extra money and go with the 10 ga. it is a real mans gun.
Don't take this wrong guys but, it depends how close you get the birds. If I shot a 10ga or a 12 3 1/2 I would turn them birds inside out. :D I like my 20ga. I shot a goose yesterday out of my finisher that I let land on my feet. I sat up and the goose flew I shot it and almost took his head clean off. Picked it up 7 steps from the finisher. :lol: It is all in what you enjoy. I let alot of shootable birds fly off everytime I'm out. I just like to work em and see how close I can get them. I keep all my decoys within 30 yrds. If they come into the decoys with their landing gear down they're in trouble. Shoot what your comfortable shooting and distances that are not questionalbe. We as hunters own it to the resourse to kill cleanly and have as few cripples as possible. Good luck to all.

Call em in close and shoot em in the lips

Double Clucker
I can only speak to this issue from 32 years of service shooting a 10 ga. And I am sure that some of you may agree with what I am about to say and others will certainly dis-agree and that is OK. When the 10 ga. first hit the market with an autoloader in the early 70s, only winchester was making a 2 oz. load. It was a paper hull, patterned poorly at 40 yards. An outdoor writer named Tom, I can't remember his name developed the one piece plastic wad. Later Federal started producing this wad. During those years the development of 10 ga. & 12 ga. shells got good. After Federal perfected their magnum loads with the one piece wad, NO 12 ga. gun could compete with the 10 ga. magnum. I have stood beside numerous men in goose blinds in TX. and held off on shooting while watching 12 ga. magnums (3") hit birds with shot and could here the shot hit the bird and I would stand up and shoot and kill the bird. This was not a one time deal. Now comes along the 3.5" 12 ga. I have a Remington 870 3.5" and did have a Benelli 3.5". I have made some outstanding long shots with both guns and I have absolutely no regrets ever shooting either gun. The 12 ga. 3.5" is probably the greatest gun built for all purpose you can get. If your stature can handle the weight and size of the 10 ga. and you want the best in long distance guns you can not beat the 10 ga.s built today. On paper the story is not always told. The size of bore of the 10 ga. is one of the advantages. You can push heavy shot loads from the larger bore with a faster burning powder and with a shorter shot string. More shot hits the bird at the same time with a 10 ga. You can use a more open choke to get tighter patterns. All of the loads today- 10 & 12 shoot tighter than they did 20 years ago. Most hunters use a choke that is to tight. The modern loads today shoot like a rifle. One final thing, if you consistantly shoot at birds and hear the shot hit the bird and he flys off or comes down wounded with a 12 ga. you can stomp the bird with a 10 ga. One of the situations that the 10 ga. shines is in truely high wind which you often get at the coast. If I was going to have to buy a truck load of shells that would have to last me my entire life and use them for ducks/geese I would purchase #1 shot. I have killed stone dead more geese with #1s. I wound many more with BB or T shot.

Ithaca MagTen
North Carolina
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