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10 ga 26" vs. 28"

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i want to buy a bps 10 gauge but the local gun shop only has one with a 26" barrel. they said there was a 28" on order but it hadn't been shipped yet. how much difference in range is there between the 26 and 28" barrels? should i get the 26" or wait for the 28"? thanks for your help
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You don't lose range with a shorter barrel. Longer barrels are just easier to swing. It is a myth that needs to be broken. Longer barrels do not give you more range.
How much extra range? Exactly 2". nr_gooseslayer is spot on.
I think that the weight, combined with the size of my 10 gauge makes the 26" barrel a bit more handy.'s really just 2" handier.

I would still prefer the shorter barrel. :wink:

OK her is some facts! The shorter barrel lets you swing quicker. It's good for Turkey hunting! And wolf hunting. the short barrel will let the shot spred quicker. The onger barrel helps with the swing and here is the good part. The longer barrel stableizes the shot in the barrel (this means the shot is bounceing around )longer to keep the shot more uniform and keep the shot in a tighter pattern. the only thing the short and long have in common is the powder is all burnd in 18" I have taken 2 remington sp10s
1 with 26" bbl and 1 30"bbl with the same choke and shot, and patterned them and the shorter bbl had a 10" bigger pattern. My sp10 with a 30" bbl and a pattern master choke has a 35" pattern.
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