Canada Goose Hunting

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Canada Goose Hunting

Postby Jay Mo 37 » Fri Apr 06, 2018 10:12 pm

I am looking to hunt honkers in; upstate NY, NJ, Pa, Ct,
Md, Illinois, possibly Mo... Looking for anyone who has access to fields but no decoys? We’ll bring our deks/blinds. Or looking to add more to their spread.. We’ll bring/cook breakfast/lunch/dinner. Just hardcore Waterfowlers looking to travel.
We could reciprocate with duck/goose hunts on Long Island, NY (where I live)
And if close enough, I could get a buddy to come & we could bring his stuffers (if you’ve never hunted over them?). It is awesome to see. We’ll load a trailer & come.
Would love to do this next season (‘18 season)...
Jay Mo 37
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