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West Texas Goose Opportunities.

Postby Wahunter » Mon Apr 11, 2016 6:55 pm

Hello, so I have a question about the goose migration through West Texas, specifically Dickens county. I am from Washington state and have family down in Spur Texas who want me to visit and I would love to make a hunting trip out of it as well. I have permission for some land down there but I have absolutely no idea whether the migration even passes through that area in numbers significant enough to hunt. I am not asking for spots or anything like that, just curious about the migration in that area as I am unable to scout or even casually observe birds flying through and would prefer not to pay to transport my hunting equipment down there with intent to hunt and scout and find out there are no birds in the area haha. I have obviously asked my family and the farmers that they know about bird numbers but I have not received any definitive answers or even a ball park number. Thanks!
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