Early Nevada Goose Season 2011

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Early Nevada Goose Season 2011

Postby u&ioutdoors » Thu Oct 06, 2011 12:10 pm

Wow, a great start to the Early Goose Season in northern Nevada!
Elko and White Pine (Ely area) started Goose season ahead of the rest of the state this year (Sept 24th). Everyone else has to wait till mid-October, so come on up.
We scouted our reservoir ahead of the hunt; found the geese were coming off nearby ranches in the morning, feeding till 4-5pm, then returning to the ranches for the night. We set up decoys the first weekend, but not much action (and a couple dumb fishermen in a camo canoe spoiled the hunt the 2nd morning when they cruised right up to shore by our decoys to take a closer look!!??? :evil: Wouldn't take THREE verbal warnings/requests to move away; only after an attention-getting shot across the water :sniper: (away from the boat, of course) and another demand to move, did they apologize and move away.) And that was just as the geese were cruising into the area!
Our second weekend was more productive. We just set up in the willows by the "staging area" where the geese all met in the morning before cruising across the water or along shore. There was some waiting..... but when they started coming in, the action was fast! Managed to take three and a couple wounded that got away. Abby our chocolate Goose Pro worked hard, even chasing one of the hit birds far out on the lake before coming back exhausted and defeated.
Our rookie Pepper, a little 2-yr black lab rescue dog, wouldn't venture into the water with her vest on (all is new to her, she's only been out of the shelter for 2 months and, wouldn't you know it, went into heat :shock: last week and was supposed to be spayed!!!)
A very kind fisherman later offered to take Harlen out all over the reservoir to track down his wounded birds. Great guy - thank you Mike! :goodtimes: Brought one back, but the 2nd was never found....
Well, Enjoy the photos.
We'll be having smoked goose soon, and then we'll post some recipes!
Harlen and Marcia
U.I. Outdoors - All-Season Shell Decoy Motion Stands

Waiting for the Geese to show up....Goose Season 2011.jpg
Waiting for the Geese to Show Up _ Oct 2011

A great morning hunt  - Nevada Early Goose Season 2011.jpg
A Great Morning Hunt - Early Nevada Goose Season 2011

Dead Tired Dogs - the worker and the rookie - Goose Season 2011.jpg
Dead Tired Dogs - the worker and the rookie - Nevada Goose Season 2011
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Re: Early Nevada Goose Season 2011

Postby Chocolate Thunder » Mon Jan 23, 2012 5:32 pm

Haven't been on here in a while glad to see Some people on here!
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