Goose Hunting Experience

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Goose Hunting Experience

Postby aaronpawlak » Fri Apr 06, 2018 1:32 am


Well, my nephew got me out again. This time was to share the experience of goose and duck hunting. Being excited about getting to go, I can't get to sleep, so was up since the morning before; however, was ready to go around 2:30 AM. Jason picked me up a little before 4 AM and we took the 1-1/2 hr ride down to his club. Was good to see other family members and also other guys, I know from there. After everyone dressed to get out in the woods, we headed to a corn field and set up all the goose blinds and decoys. First light was coming in just as it was all finished. Jason put a blanket inside one of them and helped me get into it. I wore several layers of clothing, but he gave me another blanket. My hands were freezing, so he gave me a couple of hand warmers to hold on to, which worked great. Once inside, Jay put dried corn stalks on top of the blind and all around it for more camouflage. The screen cover comes down over your face, which is pretty close, but not as bad as being in an MRI.

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