Goose hunting this season, so far

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Goose hunting this season, so far

Postby johnliester » Sun Jan 26, 2014 2:48 pm

Well, it's been an interesting season to say the least. Up here in the north half we didn't see many birds before Christmas. Our usual opener at a local lake didn't happen. Ended up in central Ks where boy did we have a good time. Only shot one canada but the snows and specks were awesome! 3 days of hunting gave us 3 limits of specks and a bunch of snows.
Around Christmas we started seeing canadas up here but with the nice weather they never left the refuge. At a lake we seldom see specks we got limits again! It wasn't until Jan 16th I finally got into some mallards. High winds made them search for calm water and I found it. 5 drakes in less than 5 minutes. Danged short hunt. Still no canadas. The 18th we finally got the big birds as they have eaten everything off the refuge. A limit of 6 came from 3 flocks that decoyed almost too easy!
Yesterday a friend and and traveled east to find several thousand geese using an open hole in ice on a huge lake. Most land there was leased or posted. We did notice that birds would fly down the lake and more than a few passed over a point at almost head high. we took a 3/4mile hike in and had a blast. Two limits of canadas and 8 snows later we called it a day. To see that many birds pass right over head was awe inspiring to say the least. Even got to do a good deed by retrieving a bird for an older gentleman. He hit the bird about a half mile from us and I watched it crash behind us. Told my buddy I was going to take him his bird because I only keep what I shoot. His smile was priceless!!
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Re: Goose hunting this season, so far

Postby nr_gooseslayer » Wed Feb 05, 2014 6:38 pm

Best goose year ever. Ducks were a different story.
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Re: Goose hunting this season, so far

Postby Chuv » Thu Feb 19, 2015 11:22 pm

I had luck in Kansas early in the season and then again late.

Video recap of some early season hunts...

Video recap of some late season hunts...
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