A decent year so far

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A decent year so far

Postby 32-40win » Sat Sep 30, 2017 1:39 am

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I've only been able to get out goose hunting on Sundays so far this year, but, they have gone pretty well. made a long weekend out of the opening weekend and got out on the Saturday there. First shoot was a limit of specks in a peafield, second one was one lone suicidal speck, and a limit of ducks off a peafield on the Sunday. Really dry up here, peas and barley were being taken off 1st wk of August, pretty much all but some canola and the late wheats were off by the end of August. Still a few late wheat fields around, most have been test cut at least, if not taken off already. Water is at a premium, still around, but some of the major roosts are not too good. Never seen a peafield that a barley blind looked dark on before, til this year, never thought of using the barley blind on peafields before, they are that bleached though.
Second Sunday was 12 birds, few ducks, I went for a drive and got a limit of teal on the Sat afternoon.
Last weekend was a real krapshoot getting a field to shoot. Lot of hunters around, 8 or so groups around, and not a lot of birds, in a 20x30mi area. Some folk had been out all week, AM and PM shoots, birds were getting hit hard, and a lot had vamoosed. I watched two old fellas with a reed blind set up in a patch of 24" grass, no dekes, traffic shooting. Another guy came over to let me know his group was going to set up on the quarter NE of the one I was watching, the next AM. Took a chance and shot the south end of the quarter, it worked, birds came early,shot a limit of specks in 15 min. Got a couple of ducks, but they weren't cooperating real well. But, they were piling into a pond to the west of us off and on, and really piling into one north of us. Took the mojo over to the west one, filled the duck limit out. That shoot turned out a whole bunch better than expected, no wind, clear morning, someone shooting 3/4mi NE of us, birds had been shot at the nite before.
Birds have been slow coming from the north, great conditions up there, warm, lots of water, crops were off on time.
Last year the northern crops were not off at all, ours were on schedule, by the middle of Sept we saw a field of 400,000 specks, no issues finding 10-25,000 bird fields, a few 50,000 bird fields. This year I haven't seen a 10,000 bird field. 6-8000 tops. Only thing I can think of is they are poking around and hanging up north of us.
This week we should have been able to shoot some snows, partner was there all week, saw maybe 1000 so far. Strange how things can change from year to year. They are down to the same latitude in Sask, but, not here.

I'll have to resize some pics to add them, the ones I have are too big, figures. I tossed in acouple for 2014 & 2015 as I haven't posted much in the last few yrs.
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